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The View from my Window

Well there’s no avoiding the elephant in the room so here goes.  This week a Local Government Meeting of a Full Parish Council Meeting held in public, was interrupted and ultimately abandoned, owing to disruption by some members of the public who attended.  From my perspective as the Clerk, the general behavior at the meeting on Tuesday was no better, than the Parish Council that many sniggered at earlier in the year, the difference being it was in person and very much “in my face”.  Officers have consulted the police on the matter and we are taking advice from them on appropriate next steps.

The consequences are that essential Parish Council business will now be deferred until November, introducing a further month’s delay to actually moving some of our projects along.  Instead of getting on with key works, I am now spending time considering how we build bridges and move forward and, whilst that is always important, it will now take need to take precedence over delivering projects like playground regeneration and open spaces.

Our next scheduled meeting is on Monday with the Planning Committee, it will also be held in the GKCC Pavilion.  I trust that the scheduled business will be concluded in a respectful and constructive manner.