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Community Boards

Want to help improve your local area?

The North West Chilterns (NWC) Community Board is working hard to bring together the council, groups, organisations and residents to look at local issues and find ways of improving them together.

Along with the other 15 boards across the county the NWC board recently celebrated its first year and the local groups, projects and initiatives it funded – and is looking forward to even greater success in the second year with many great ideas.

Community boards are all about taking action together on local council and community issues and have an allocated budget to fund local projects and initiatives. They aim to represent the voice of local people; capture thoughts, ideas and suggestions to address council and local priorities within the community; bring together key community partners and residents; and identify local needs and work to produce creative solutions.

For the year ahead the NWC board has four action groups focusing on:

  • economic recovery
  • improving the environment
  • community resilience, and
  • transport and road issues.

You are invited to come along to all or any of these groups.

If you would like to get involved in the community board and/or action group meetings, please contact Jackie Binning, community board coordinator on jackie.binning@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

And you can find out more at Community Boards | Buckinghamshire Council.