Four Ashes Garden Of Rest

Four Ashes Garden of Rest

Garden of Rest
Four Ashes Road
Cryers Hill
High Wycombe
HP15 6JY


Garden of Rest - Hughenden Parish

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Four Ashes Garden of Rest is owned and managed by Hughenden Parish Council for and on behalf of the residents of Hughenden Parish.

It is a beautiful and tranquil spot which provides a lovely place for remembrance and quiet reflection.  The Garden of Rest is open to visitors during daylight hours.

Hughenden Parish Council takes enormous pride in maintaining the Garden of Rest to a very high standard. We understand how important it is for relatives to know that their loved one’s graves are being treated with dignity and respect.

The Garden of Rest has areas of consecrated and non-consecrated ground for full burials and a separate area for the interment of cremated remains. All interments are recorded within a Remembrance Book which is displayed inside the front of the building.

Administration of the Garden of Rest is dealt with at Hughenden Parish Council Office which is located at The Common, Great Kingshill.  Staff at the Parish Council Office will be happy to help you with all matters relating to the Garden of Rest.  Please note that it is no longer possible to reserve plots.  The allocation of grave spaces will be determined by the Parish Council and every effort will be made to accommodate wishes.

A Register of Burials is kept at the Parish Council Office.  Searches in the Register, which contains information regarding the name and age of the person buried, the grave number and the date of burial, may be made during office hours.  There is a small fee for this service.

We consider the placing of benches on an individual basis so please use the contact form to make such a request. Note that benches must be installed by the Council’s appointed contractor.

Garden of Rest Burial Regulations

Please read the burial regulations which govern activities at the Garden of Rest. In particular, may we bring your attention to regulations concerned with the placing of mementoes on graves.

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Notice of Interment Form

Notice of Interment, fees and a Certificate of Burial or Cremation must be submitted to Hughenden Parish Council at least two clear working days before the date of an interment.  The application for interment must contain:

  • the proposed interment details
  • the section of the cemetery & grave space required
  • the signature of the owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial (if applicable)
  • Interments shall take place Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.00 am and half an hour before sunset, or 4.00 pm, whichever is earlier.

All preparations whether for interment in a grave or interment of cremated remains shall be carried out by those authorised by the Council only.

Gravedigging charges are not included in burial fees.  The gravedigger must be booked in advance by the applicant and paid directly.  Please contact Keith Heybourn Tel: 07967 651586.

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Interment Fees

Fees are listed on the document below. Note that fees differ depending on whether the individual was living within the Parish at the time of their passing. If you have any questions concerning fees please do not hesitate to contact Hughenden Parish Council Office for further information (01494 715296).

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Exclusive Right of Burial

When you buy a grave at Four Ashes Garden of Rest,  what you are actually buying is the right to bury for a specific period of years, 50 years. You are not buying the grave freehold, it is more like purchasing a lease. No burial may take place in the grave and no memorial may be placed on the grave without the written permission of the grave owner during the period of the Exclusive Rights. A fee is payable for the digging and preparation of a grave at the time of burial and a fee is also payable for the installation of a memorial. The Exclusive Rights may be renewed for a further term towards the end of the lease.

Ownership of the Exclusive Right of Burial is therefore a very important matter. Ownership can be transferred either during the owner’s lifetime or after their death. The procedure for transferring the ownership is detailed below.

The Council’s records contain the details of the registered grave owners. However, it is important that the grave owners keep safe their Deed of Grant. The Council issues this document when the grave is first purchased and should be produced for each burial. Possession of the Deed does not  in its self-signify ownership of the Exclusive Rights.

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Placing of Memorial Tablet

No installation or alteration to any memorial can take place without prior written approval from Hughenden Parish Council.  Applications must be submitted to the Council on the application form at least two weeks prior to any installation or alteration.

Please note that it may be necessary to obtain the written permission of the owner of Exclusive Right of Burial before any any installation or alteration to any memorial can take place.

We permit one memorial tablet per grave.

Our policies are as follows:

  • The stone must be rectangular and laid flat
  • For a full burial grave the stone size size must be 27″x18″ portrait
  • For an ashes grave the stone size must be 15″ x 12″ landscape
  • The stone must be granite or other natural British stone (other than Bath, Caen or Soft Stone)
  • Ammedments to a stone after it has been placed can only be made with the permission of the Council and after payment of the associated fees
  • No shrubs, plants or flowers are permitted to be planted over graves
  • In the case of a full burial grave the stone may have a holder for flowers/plant set into it.
  • Alternatively you may place a flower/plant container free standing on the stone. In additon to this a flower pot or container, not exceeding 18″ x 9″ may be placed at the head of the tablet, either let into the ground or free standing
  • In the case of ashes graves a small flower/plant container or plants may be placed in the flower bed at the head of the tablet with the prior consent of the Council
  • Fees are listed in the fees document downloadable above.

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