Play Areas

The Council recognises the importance of ‘play and recreation’ and we are fortunate to have seven playgrounds within our Parish Boundary. Most of the playgrounds are owned by the Village Halls independent of the Parish Council, apart from Great Kingshill and Walters Ash, which are wholly owned by the Parish Council.

We work extensively with the Village Hall Committees (where appropriate) to make sure the playgrounds are well maintained and have a grant support system in place to assist with inspection costs.

The Council is currently working on rejuvenating the Community Space and playground equipment at Templewood and also replacing a piece of equipment at the Hughenden Valley Village Hall playground.  Once Templewood is underway we shall start on plans to rejuvenate the playground at Great Kingshill.

Should you experience an accident or observe any faulty equipment at Templewood or Great Kingshill play areas, please contact the Council Offices immediately.

Where are they?

There are seven separate playgrounds in the Parish either owned or maintained by the Council:

Great Kingshill – Teen and Children
Hughenden Valley
North Dean
Widmer End
Walters Ash (Templewood)

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