Council and Committee Structure

All Councillors are summoned to attend Full Council meetings.  The Full Council meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month, except during the August recess.  Committees are appointed to deal with specific areas of interest.  Each Committee has a terms of reference and reports back to Full Council.  Most committees meet quarterly.

Finance Committee

This Committee will be determined at Full Council on 18 May 2021

Finance Policy Terms Of Reference

Staffing Committee

This Committee will be determined at the May 18 Full Committee

Staffing Committee Terms of Reference


Environment and Services Committee

This committee will be determined at the May 18 meeting.

2022-07-12 ToR E-S Committee v.2


Communications Working Group

This workgroup will be chosen at the May 18 Full Council Meeting

Terms of Reference



Road Safety Working Group

This Working Group will be confirmed at 18 May Full Council


Council Staff

The Council employs two members of staff with different roles. The Clerk is employed full time,  other staff are employed on a part time basis. Other parish work is carried out by contractors.

Clerk to the Council and Responsible Financial Officer

Emily Ranahan

Working hours:  Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
The Clerk is employed by the Council, under section 112 (1) of the Local Government Act 1972, to provide administrative support for the Council’s activities.
The Clerk’s primary responsibility is to advise the Council on whether its decisions are lawful and to recommend ways in which decisions can be implemented. To help with this, the Clerk  can be asked to research topics of concern to the Council and provide unbiased information to help the Council to make appropriate choices.

The Clerk has a wide range of other responsibilities which are set out in his/her job description. The Clerk must recognise that the Council is responsible for all decisions and that he/she takes instructions from the Council as a body. The Clerk is not answerable to any individual Councillor  – not even the Chairman.

The Council must be confident that the Clerk is, at all times, independent, objective and professional.

‘Proper Officer’ is a title used in statute. It refers to the appropriate officer for the relevant function. In Town and Parish Councils, the Proper Officer is normally the Clerk. In financial matters, the Proper Officer is known as the Responsible Financial Officer.

Sue Small

Garden of Rest Assistant

Sue Pearce-Wood

The GoR Assistant is responsible for ensuring that the Book of Remembrance is correctly opened and that the waiting area is kept in good order.