Planning information and the process

The Planning Committee considers all planning applications made to Buckinghamshire Council within the Parish boundary. Our views are advisory, (decisions are made by delegated authority to planning officers or by Buckinghamshire Councils Development control committee) but nevertheless carry weight with planning officials and members.

Having your say and keeping informed about applications

During the Covid – 19 pandemic discussions on planning applications have been devolved to the Chair of the Planning Committee and the Clerk.  They canvas ward councillors for their observations and incorporate these in the parish response.

The chairman of the planning committee provides a summary report to Full Council each month.

Buckinghamshire Council’s Planning Portal gives a comprehensive list of all current and past planning applications. Visit http://publicaccess.wycombe.gov.uk/idoxpa-web/search.do?action=simple&searchType=Application

Any member of the public who feels strongly about an application should make their views known to Buckinghamshire Council through the Planning Portal or via their Buckinghamshire Council Councillor: they may also wish to copy their comments to the Parish Council.