Inconsiderate Parking

Parking within Hughenden Parish

With the full on thrust of vaccination efforts gradually slowing down, we hope that parking levels will likewise settle.  Vehicle movements through the parish are returning to pre-Covid levels making it worthwhile reminding all our residents and their visitors of their responsibilties when parking their vehicles.

An obstruction which can attract a fixed penalty notice or even removal occurs when any vehicle is

  •  parked suffieciently on the pavement so as to prevent a pedestrian with a wheelchair or pushchair from using the pavements,
  • blocking a driveway, preventing another vehicle from entering or exiting
  • where two vehicles are parked opposite each other, preventing other vehicles from using the road,
  •  parked too close to a junction obstructing movment and visibility onto the main road
  • obstrucing , parking over, or partially parking on a dropped kerb.

Also, you many not be aware that Yellow Lines apply to the pavement as well as the road!  Please park considerately.  If you encounter an issue with regards to parking, please contact a member of the Prices Risborough neighbourhood police team.