Debra was elected as Vice Chair of the council for 2023-4. She has been a resident in Great Kingshill for 5 years.  She lives in a busy house with her partner Justin, 3 children (aged, 14yrs, 4yrs and 4 months) as well as her two dogs. 

Debra has been a councillor since March 2022 and is currently the Chair of the Finance Committee.  She is employed full-time at a major global bank and has held a number of finance roles in a range of sectors over the last 25 years. 

Debra is also a qualified teacher, although not currently teaching. She has a passion for children’s literacy and education, and a particular interest in the value of neurodiversity and dyslexic thinking.  Debra would love to see an improvement in the council’s engagement with children and young people across Hughenden.  She would love to hear from anyone on these topics.

Register of Interests

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