Sanctions Applied to Councillor Derrick

On 3 April 2023, Hughenden Parish Council voted by majority to apply all sanctions relating to Cllr Linda Derrick recommended by a Hearing Sub-Committee of Buckinghamshire Council.
On 19 January 2023, the Hearing Sub-Committee had found that Cllr Derrick breached the Parish Council’s Member Code of Conduct in several respects in relation to three complaints made about her by two former employees of the Council and one former Councillor.
It was not open to the Parish Council to reconsider the investigation or to reach any different conclusions about it.  Nor could the Council determine other sanctions to those recommended by the Sub-Committee. The Parish Council’s role was to determine whether to apply the recommended sanctions, for the reasons given in the Buckinghamshire Council Decision Notice.
The Council expressed the view that in applying sanctions on Cllr Derrick it has reinforced its commitment to provide a safe and constructive working environment for its employees and to meet Councillors’ duty to uphold high standards of public service.
The Buckinghamshire Council Sub-Committee found that Cllr Derrick had breached the Member Code of Conduct in relation to each of three complaints, specifically in failing to show respect in each of the three cases, and bullying in the case of two employees.
The Panel also found that in two respects the Code of Conduct had not been breached; in one case Cllr Derrick was found not to have breached her duty to refrain from bullying, while in another case she was found not to have harassed an employee.


In case of query contact:
Louise Steele Locum Clerk to the Council on 07808649597 or at clerk@hughenden-pc.gov.uk

Notes to Editors:
The full Decision Notice of the Buckinghamshire Hearing Sub-Committee may be found on the Buckinghamshire website  here https://www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/news/multiple-breaches-of-councillor-code-of-conduct-by-hughenden-parish-councillor/