Update from Hughenden Parish Council

Despite the deep disappointment of a third lockdown and the challenges it brings to everyday living, life itself continues.  Snowdrops are emerging and buds are visible on the trees.  The January snow brought children of all ages a moments’ respite, and it was a joy to hear their laughter and to see their snowmen around the parish.

Work within Hughenden Parish Council, continues.  The office is closed and all our meetings continue remotely.  Mel and Jill, our Clerk and Deputy Clerk,  are working predominantly from home and whilst they aren’t there to answer your calls, they do return messages and do receive your emails, write to us at Clerk@hughendenpc.org.uk.  At this time the delayed local council elections are still planned for May 2021, but we are realistic that these plans may change at short notice.  Similarly the legislation to be able to hold our meetings virtually, expires in May 2021 and we wait to see what the government will instruct thereafter.

Councillors are like you, juggling work from home, home schooling, practical life and their council interests too.  We are actively working with local  resident associations on pressing issues whilst developing a new website and Survey and revisiting policies and procedures to serve us better in the future.  Our Garden of Rest remains open and interest in our allotment sites is brisk.  Whilst our playgrounds are open, we emphasise that they are not being cleaned and parents or carers must be cautious and take responsibility for cleaning their children’s hands before and after use and of course, absolutely no eating or drinking whilst in the playgrounds.  Hedges are being cut when the ground conditions favour us and the work identified by the Tree Survey 2020, is underway.

Our colleagues at Buckinghamshire Council remain busy too, many officers are redeployed to frontline Covid activities and the balance are predominantly working from home, this does mean that there are sometimes delays to queries and responses, please bear with them as they try to respond.

Within the greater parish, we are fortunate to have many volunteers and volunteer groups who swung back into action before Christmas.   They have done a magnificent job in supporting those in need both with practical actions and friendly support.  Thank you to each and every one.

With the emphasis on our physical health we shouldn’t ignore the second issue of our mental health, and, much like Covid 19, anxiety, stress, loneliness and depression can affect all, even the healthiest of us.  So we draw you attention to the Public Health England message below.

Every Mind Matters Campaign

Health and wellbeing have been a theme of our work over the last year or so, and mental health, in particular, has never been more important. Public Health England has launched the Better Health – Every Mind Matters campaign to support the nation’s mental wellbeing with the message that “when things aren’t so good out there, make inside feel better”. The campaign encourages people to create a free NHS-approved Mind Plan. Resources to help you support and promote the campaign include images for social mediaEmbedding Instructions: Your Mind Plan, and web banners.  Follow the link https://bit.ly/3iZNG13 to access this information.